things you should know

There is a false belief that the acrylic and gel used in nail enhancements somehow harms your natural nails. In reality this is not true. 

I hate to say it, but when it comes to any form of artificial nail enhancement, you get what you pay for as reputable products cost. If you find a salon willing to do them for much cheaper than other salons in your area, the chances are they are using cost-cutting measures and inferior products that could harm your nails.

You should only allow a licensed technician to touch your nails. If they are licensed, you should see their certificate clearly displayed. Individuals carry their own license to perform a specific treatment. If you do not see a licence, leave! You should be able to clearly communicate your expectations to your technician as not every customer is the same.

Have you ever walked into an intoxicating salon where the technicians are heads down, masked up and drilling away? Cheap aren’t they? And quick too! There is a harmful substance called MMA – METHYL METHACRYLATE. MMA is a nail product (banned in some countries) which, when used, may contribute to nail damage and deformities in nail growth. It is characterised by: a strong irritating chemical odour that does not smell like other acrylic liquids; it sets much harder, feels less flexible and it is very difficult to file (hence the use of a drill); nail extensions are extremely hard or virtually impossible to remove; the product may be cheaper in comparison (approximately one third of the price) to other acrylic alternatives.

As a customer you have the right to ask and query the nail technician as to what products they are using. Do your research. Unlabelled containers should give cause for concern.

Keep your eyes open for bad hygiene practices that could cause cross contamination! All nail files and clippers must be sterilised. Sterilisation using Barbicide (blue liquid) only takes place after twenty minutes and in liquid free from skin debris.

Once you have your natural looking nail enhancements, do not pick at them and keep to your maintenance appointments.

Treat your nails as jewels not tools!