ByonceRihannaMINX is a durable, flexible veneer artwork which is applied using a special heat lamp. There is no drying time, no smudges and is easy to remove with no damage to the natural nail.

The Minx Manicure and pedicure includes designer styles, personalised graphics and sparkling metallics for you to accessorise.

Fashionable nail art that can last up to 6 weeks on toes and 2 weeks on fingers. To see the full range of Minx designs please visit www.sweetsquared.com. Please advise me on your chosen design as not every design is in stock so will have to be ordered.


MINX Manicure ALLOW 45 MINS £35

Nail shape – Cuticle care – Minx application – Hand and forearm massage

MINX Pedicure ALLOW 1 HR £40

Nail shape – Cuticle care – Minx application – Foot and lower leg massage




* Add £5 for Spa foot bath and hard skin removal


* Time may vary if cuticles require more attention.


* Nails will require a small free edge (length).